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Louise Bystrup

signed and shared on FB

Toni Collard

thank you Beryl managed to sign

Beryl Brennan

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Well done. I know its difficult if people
dont speak French - I have a problem with a petition which is in Dutch - still
havent managed to sort it!




singed it beryl will fwd on aswell


Hello Beryl, a few weeks ago there was another petition who asked for a ban on the hunting with galgos, from Barbara Lefranc I think, and you answered that it was NOT the answer to the problem and you did not sign it, as you said. Did you change your mind and should we sign now? It´s a little bit confusing.


signed with pleasure

Beryl Brennan

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Helping to
make a difference

A person who has never known a dogs love has
missed a wonderful part of life. Bob Barker

The dog has no ambition, no self-interest, no
desire for vengeance, no fear other than that of displeasing.
Count of Buffon

If you pick up a starving dog and make him
prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog
and a man. Mark Twain

about life in Deux-Sevres

Beryl Brennan

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Hi Cobie

No, havent changed my stance, I will always feel
that a blanket ban will not solve the issue, just make it worse, because
everything will be hidden and goodness knows then how they will kill the
dogs! But if people want to petition the governments - and here Barbara
says what happened to the previous one she organised - then Ill keep posting
them and invite people to sign if they wish - at least it wont do any harm
because I dont really think the government is going to do anything - not with a
King who hunts bears! Do you?

Ive got some more coats for you, but dont know of
anyone coming down to you from my part of France. I have only just started
driving again, still having lots of physio on my arm, so I wont make it before
the winter weather. Any ideas?




Signed. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


I really hope that there might be an end to hunting in Spain one day.
Signed and shared on facebook !


stop it now.

Ann Parkes

It's time your country moved into the 21st Century & started to show compassion & empathy to animals. If common decency doesn't impel you to do this, maybe the damage that highlighting this will do to your exports & tourist industry will.

Please, look after your Country's animals. All of them!!

hayley pooley

stop this


This is toataly barbarick and inhuman please stop this cruil treatment of poor inocent dogs, they feel and breath just like we do , they love uncodishonly and are mans/womans/kids bestfriends what did they ever do to you, to be treated like this. THIS CRUIEL. INHUMAN.BARBARICK AND SICK...PLEASE STOP THIS CRUITY TO ANIMALS. STICKING A STICK IN THERE MOUTH SO THEY STARVE TO DEATH IS SICK .SICK .SICK. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT ..NO YOU WOULDNT SO WHY DO IT TO POOR DEFENLESS ANIMALS ....SO ANGRY

kathleen turnbull

THIS must be stopped for the innocent animals sake. ban this as soon as possible.These poor innocent animals have done nothing other that to be born.They didnt ask to be here ,or to be abused. This is blatant cruelty .

Birgitta Siponen


martina confortola

I really can't understand how the human being can be able of such an horror thing... it's cruel and nonsense, I am ashamed of being human in these cases...


WE didnt know that spanish matters is a concern of your do we tell you what to o in your place.

by the way pop into a bookstore and buy yourself a book of spanish grammar youll need one before 30 years


yes sir , well stop it when and as we want not just when you want us to.


Noone has ever invited you to come over to spain. and with dog hunting or without , you should not come over , stay home and do not disturb

Sandra Baas

Hola Bertin, ya te gustaría pero no...Europa esta encima de los malos tratos y no solo con peticiones sino políticamente también. Si crees que esto va a poder continuar así estas muy equivocado. Ni la mayoría de los españoles quieren estos abandonos y malos tratos ni los europeos los quieren y te guste o no vives en un país Europeo no en el tercer mundo.

Beryl Brennan

Yes, I'm with you now, anything is better than the current situation. BUT, I still think that banning hunting will push the hard core underground as it has in the UK. However, if it reduces the mass abandonment, then it has to be better.

Beryl Brennan

Hi, a translation of Sandra's response to Bertin.

Hi Bertin, already you like but not ... Europe rises above the ill-treatment and not only with petitions, but also politically.

If you think this is going to be able to continue as well you are very wrong. Nor are the majority of Spaniards want to abandonment and ill-treatment or Europeans want it, and whether you like it or not you live in a European country not in the third world

Beryl Brennan

We don´t understand why he/she reads GN. You make a lot of mistakes.

!. The petition was set up by Spanish people, not by us 'foreigners', but we are more than glad to join and we will not stop
until all these damned perreras do not exist anymore, if he/she likes it or not.

2. We should not be invited to Spain? Wow, can´t he/she read neither? The papers abroad are loaded with invitations from house building companies to come to live in Spain and buy a house from them to which request thousands and thousands of people said yes and now realize what´s going on in Spain concerning these perreras and are very glad to try to do something against them.

The same goes for all the invitations in holiday guides to come and enjoy the Spanish beaches. Well, if you want to enjoy the money from all these foreigners, because without this money Spain would be broke already years ago, you have to accept all the things that comes with it!! Like Johan Cruyff, the most famous football player from Holland ever said: Every advantage, has its disadvantage, and he was right!

If you don't like these kind of things, why does you read GN?

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