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Suzie Scott

Well done Beryl & David and what a shame about the weather. Still from the photos everyone who made it had a great time and what a wonderful opportunity to raise the profile of galgos and podencos while raising much needed rescue funds.


ye well done its the getting out there and being involved anddoing what you can for the galgos and pods


It looks absolutely amazing, some great examples of loved pets there! Thankyou for all you do, for never tiring of thinking of the galgos and podencos of Spain. For endless support for those of us on the ground and for being there for these precious dogs.
Thanks a million Beryl and David and supporters of their show.
Blessings from Spain.
Charl x

Suzie Scott

Thanks for the great extra photos. Was the man wearing the blue rosette and clutching card number 084 the Best Male in Show! Lots of smiling faces, looks like everyone had a great time despite the weather.

Beryl Brennan

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Ill send your message on to Jim, he will be
tickled pink!!



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