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Galgos del Sol

We have had an enquiry for Greta which sounds promising so all the details have been passed to Charl. Fingers crossed. She had also been offered a foster home in Germany but we felt she wasn't ready to go on a Journey like this so would be better going to 112Carlota. A beautiful galga who had to be tranquilised during her rescue as she was just so frightened. Fingers crossed!

Galgos del Sol

p.s she still wouldn't be ready to leave for a few months due to her being so scared so any funds for Charl would be welcome.


I work with rescue greyhounds and when we have one that is scared we sometimes find that a harness works better than a lead. Thanks for all the hard work that you do to help the galgos.

Toni Collard

Poor little soul
thank god for people like Tina Gds and you wonderful people
Greta will shine one day may the hunters all be struck down where they stand
Have you tried Greta with a body wrap the same type people use for dogs that are terrifed of fireworks


Reading Charl's report on Greta is one of the most moving things I have ever read. Heartbreaking........ Poor, poor creature -how horrific men can be sometimes.

Hoping this beautiful girl will have a future full of love and hope, to make up for all the wicked things done to her in the past.

Hugs to you Greta - all will be well in the end.

Galgos del Sol

I think Charl is letting the other galgos help her along at the moment. She told me that Henrietta would go back for her when she froze to help give her confidence. It's not that she can't walk, she just freezes solid but bit by bit Charl will help her come out of it. When we had her we had to carry her everywhere, she just wouldn't move, not at the vets and not outside whilst trying to walk her. Even getting her out the car took 3 of us and a muzzle. The vet had given her something to calm her down which worked alittle. She liked the kennel at the vets and didn't want to leave, even after being poked and prodded. Bit by bit you can build a picture of her previous life..... I think Charl is right, I think she has been dragged behind a vehicle at some point!


The more I read about this sad girl, the more horrific it gets.

My heart goes out to her - thank goodness there are wonderful people out there that care - bless you all. You give me hope.

Beryl Brennan

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sadly there are hundreds more like this every
year. most of them make good with the right understanding.



about life in Deux-Sevres


Yes, far too many aren't there.

Always hope though, and as you said, most of them go on to be OK. Such a shame they have to suffer so much in the first place though.....................

Galgos del Sol

Marion, if anyone can do it Charl can. She will be fine now, she is in great hands :)

Owen Davis

so sad to read about greta. may she find love and joy in life. and she will. somewhere far away, just around the corner. somewhere a long way from spain. or not. there are kind people in all kinds of surprising places.

Janice White

Such a sad account but Greta at least is safe from harm.

owen davis

It's now may 2012....and greta (now isobel, bella, the beautiful one) is curled up on the dark red velvet sofa right behind me. she has a turquoise cushion at her back, and a pink one. if i look carefully, i can see her heart quietly beating. i have often read and re-read charlotte's words, above - and am always very moved.it seems so mysterious and amazing that greta has recovered her natural galga joy so completely. it's true, i am humbled by her strength! by the inner strength of her love for life. she can dance, yes, it's true, she can run like the wind, she loves everyone she meets and every dog, large and small. she pushes herself forward, to be the first of my three to have a collar placed on her. hers is the red one. she leaps into the car. she likes best to sit next to me, on the passenger seat, looking proudly out through the windscreen, one paw lifted and resting on the curve of my elbow. my wife annie calls her 'our jolly girl'. greta's story is far from over, she's young, she has far still to go, like each of us. but now, due to charlotte's help, and her other rescuers, too, she has reached, here in england, by the ocean, her rightful happiness! think of her, please, and do whatever is possible to bring the same happiness as greta's to every lost, starving and terrified galgo in spain. i am reminded of the last lovely lines of 'mary had a little lamb' - which, strangely, is not often included in books of nursery rhymes: "why does the lamb LOVE mary so, the eager children cry? why, mary loves the lamb, you know, the teacher did reply". OK, i admit it, i've got tears in my eyes, yet again.

Beryl Brennan

Lovely, Owen, and so proud to have played a small part in contributing to the blossoming of such a fabulous hound -so proud to have played a small part in her blossoming into such a star.To the bastardwho hurt her - his loss - Gretas and our gain. Run on and run free on the beaches of England, dear Greta/Bella. Thanks for sharing. Beryl xxx

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