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Hi all,
The latest news from Happy Ending/Final Feliz December 2011.
I have to tell that things have changed a lot since I wrote the above. We have had two big donations from two comittee members that made it possible to concrete half of each pen and then SOS Podencos NL showed up and found out we needed dog kennels in each pen. So thought then done. Down came three ladies and build 11 kennels in one and a half day. I was so touched by this that it is hard to find words to thatnk them. Now at least they have proper houses when the rain comes and I am very happy.
The next good thing that has happened is that the UK has opened their doors to us and we are sending a lot of dogs in January. The transport is expensive though and I just hope we can manage. We have been able to continue with the car boot sales and are still keeping our head above the water. The vet has been very good to us, and he does not panic if the amount we owe iw growing passed 2.000€, but it has to be payed anyway and we are still struggeling.
Any help is welcome. And I am proud to tell that we have rehomed about 100 dogs this year.
We have also had 26 cases of Filaria at an average of 200€ for the cure (I know it is expensive, but I have so far not lost one of them)is getting a bit too much to handle.
But I will use this opportunity to thank all the people that care and have helped us, and maybe it is time to say a big THANK YOU to the volunteers, who are working hard as well. I love you all, guys!

Margarita Gloersen, President, Happy Ending-Final Feliz

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