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Dear Beryl,

Each day when I check in with Galgo News, I hold my breath, for I don't know what to expect. Today's news however is a cause for Celebration! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beryl Brennan

Absolutely amazing, you are right. It is the first step on the battle to protect all animals used in fiestas etc, with tradition as an excuse for extreme animal cruelty. I laughed at the story of the young matador who ran away from an angry bull in a bullring - because he had only just got back into the bullring after recovering from being gored by a bull. Ha Ha! One up for that bull, although another matador probably put it through excruciating pain and felt proud.

So, Catalonia is the first, and the galgos suffer in Catalonia. So we must keep up the pressure.

Bless you for your support, I really appreciate it.


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