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Barbara Richards

NO NO NO, no more breeding of the Podencos + Galgos, + if now bloody Crufts are showing Pods. they will become the 'dog to have', so many will start to breed them, as not many here in the u.k + when I go out with my Spanish rescued Pods.(I pure Podenco Anderluz, sm with the rough coat + one very shy beautiful, med size smooth coated boy, who even after all these yrs with us, is still a shy boy with strangers...someone hacked off his tail, luckily he kept his ears, as they usually cut off ears + tails) + Galgos, many people stop + ask, what are these dogs, so they always get the full story of the used/abused dogs of Spain etc....now if Crufts start showing an unusual dog, all the 'OH MUST HAVE ONE OF THOSE BRIGADE' start breeding when 1000's are there waiting for a loving + forever home, + people have not idea of the temperament of a Podenco....Google Podencos + Galgos , read about them, read their sad stories....take a resued one, do NOT START BREEDING THEM, just like the Greyhounds...bred by the 1000's + 1000's every yr hung,take days to die, burnt alive, starved to death, have their legs broken + left to die a slow an agonizing death, acid thrown over them, every evil way to kill, is done to these gentle dogs....+ still they breed them, Ireland is as guilty, they breed far to many + send them anywhere , + dispose of the ones who are not good enough...money money money, thats what it's all about!!!! They have tattoos so their owner can be traced, so they cut off their ears, now even digging out the micro chip, so think very carefully all you 'dog lovers', get a rescued dog, do not pay a greedy breeder!!!!

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