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This is not a accusation.In the perrera's terrible things happen to galgos.Perrera's are companies with the aim to make profits.The method of sleep is called bestial.Whether they are massacred or clubbed,it is still terrible.

Beryl Brennan

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Not all perreras are privately owned by companies
to make a profit, some are owned by the municipal councils. Have you
bought and read my book - I cover this topic in it. I agree that the methods
used to kill dogs in perreras are inhumane,as the perreras use the
cheapest method possible. But still no one has sent me evidence that dogs
are clubbed to death - lethal injection and gassing only. At the end of
the day, it is the EU and the Spanish government and the autonomous provincial
councils who must deal with the appalling stray dog problem in every country,
including the UK especially since the recession. And it is the breeders of
dogs who must also be controlled, to stop producing dogs for their own profit,
and everyone should have their dog and cat neutered. Its only when these
issues are tackled, the root of the problem, that the terrible daily massacres
in perreras will stop.

Thanks for commenting and for caring.



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