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is there any appropriate word for a comment? When I read about mistreated animals I think about my dear 'little' adopted greyhounds, sleeping on their couch.......there is no better picture!!!!!

Beryl Brennan

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Thank you for reading GN and commenting. I
find it very hard, with all the stories sent to me which get posted on GN - I
simply want to adopt all the dogs and love and care for them. At the
moment Ive got two galgas curled up together, with little Podenca Andaluz Bebe,
whilst foster podenco Darin is playing with his tug toy - hes only 14 months so
a mere baby - will be going to his forever home next months. I so pray
that Shadow gets the home she deserves. My Bebe came from Seville too,
rescued injured from a motorway, a mere skeleton. She doesnt eat much
anyway - very cheap dogs to feed! - so she couldnt have eaten for days before
she had the accident. My vet put her back
together again and now Bebe is the fastest pod on 4 legs!

If you would like to write to me to tell me about
how you adopted your dogs, I am sure my readers will be interested to read about
them. Email me direct, and include a photo of them, please.

Thank you for commenting, and for




Helping to make
a difference

A person who has never known a dogs love has
missed a wonderful part of life. Bob Barker

The dog has no ambition, no self-interest, no
desire for vengeance, no fear other than that of displeasing.
Count of Buffon


If I'm informed well little Angie has found her forever home and is arriving this evening in Belgium. She has a great forever home, a real golden one.....
Greetings Nina

Beryl Brennan


I havent received an update, but if Shadow has been renamed Angie and is on the way to a forever home in Belgium, then that is fantastic news. Be nice to have some more info and pix if possible.

I love happy endings.

Thanks for caring, and for posting.



no Beryl Angie has been renamed Lea and is already a month in Belgium.

greetings Nina

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