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Catherine Morton

This absolutely breaks my heart. Bad enought what they went through in the first place, but to be so close to a future as a loved, cared for, valued member of a family and then to have to go back to hell is just to much to bear. When will it end?

Beryl Brennan

TypePadIt's broken Bea's heart, I can tell you. Normally she does not go to Spain on galgo rescues during July and August because it is so very hot there, and difficult for the dogs to endure such a long journey into France. And as you will understand, she is just so wishing she had gone back last month, when the galga's EU passport would have been ready. She only went this week, temperatures around Cordoba are 40 degrees and more, because of the threat of more galgos being stolen. And if you could just see them all when they are brought out of the vehicles into the compound in our big barn, and left to run free, with food and water, it is just so wonderful. Some are understandably very nervous, like the galga rescued from being euthanaised in perrera, frightened, covered in wounds (looked as though she had been in a traffic accident) so thin - and the following morning, she was much more confident, mixing with the other galgos, and she will now be in her forever home. This just makes it all worthwhile, but it's only a very tiny drop in a huge ocean that at the moment is never ending.

Thank you for your support, please publicise this horror and encourage people in the petition-signing and letter-writing campaigns.

Bless you for caring.



Helping to make a difference

A person who has never known a dog's love has missed a wonderful part of life. Bob Barker

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