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A lot has happened since these terrible things happened - an animal welfare organisation has taken over, the council has given them 10 months (up to he end of 2009) to show that managing a dog shelter can be done in a different way. The dogs that were survived were taken to a pension, volunteers have worked hard to renovate the old shelter and the dogs are back now! Good luck!

Beryl Brennan

TypePadGreat news, and more information about the work which is being done by the volunteers, and about the health of the dogs, and which association is involved and whether they would like donations to help them would be fantastic to post on Galgo News.

If there is a website with this information, please send me the link, and pictures would help show what is being done too. The more publicity about this, the better. Would it help to write to the council to say how people admire what is being done, to encourage the council to keep the refugte open and give the volunteers funding to continue their work.


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