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Our dog was just diagnosed with pemphigus foliaceous. I found your posts and am very appreciative as we are very attached to our gal as well. I have enclosed my email address and would love to stay in touch with you. You have a lovely gal and I wish you the best of luck.

We are in the States so our gal is being treated with prednisone and cyclosporin. We are at the beginning of this road but are very upset.

Please continue your posts and feel free to email me back.



Bonjour Beth

Thank you for your post. I am sorry your galga is also suffering from this autoimmune disease, it really is quite distressing to see the dogs suffering until the problem can be brought under control.

I am pleased to know that you found the information on Galgo News of help. There must be many more galgos who have this problem, and I feel it is important that we all compare the individual cases, so we can share our experiences and learn from one another. It will be especially interesting to know how different vets tackle the problem.

Please keep reading Galgo News, and feel free to post any more information about your galga.




My dog has yet to be diagnosed, but appears to have an autoimmune disease. Although she initially tested negative, it is suspect seh may have SLE which is much more serious than pemphigus foliaceous.

I just wanted to comment that Atopica (Cyclosporine)is a much safer alternative to any steriod drug. Although very expensive initially, you can gradually reduce the dosage to a small amount which becomes more affordable. Atopica does not have the serious side effects as the steroids, but is an anti-inflamatory drug that has been tested to be safe for dogs. You can also purchase from online pharmacies that reduce the price by 30%. I just weaned my dog off prednisone to Atopica and cannot believe how much better she is feeling, and her liver enzymes are now almost normal. We are slowing reducing the Atopica now and she is not having any side effects. We hope to completely wean her off, or to an every other day or every two day dosage. Also, I am using fish oil (2,000 mg./day) which is a natural anti-inflamatory and safe for dogs. My regular vet did not recommend the fish oil, but I went to a natural vet who made the recommendation and my regular vet agreed. Also, supplements of Vit. E are very helpful as well, but not recommended if your dog is on steriods.

Hope this is helpful information.



Hi Sarah

It is extremely interesting to read about the diagnosis of your dog's problem, and also your experience with the different medication. It is so useful for us all to be able to compare notes. I shall certainly look into the medication suggestions you put forward.

Thank you for reading Galgo News and your interest in it.


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