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Please help to save these magnificent animals, all make gentle loving pets


Plz help these magnificent loving peaceful friendly animals..

Deedee Howard

have just found out about SAGE/another wonderful family trying to help the Spanish galgos and bring them here. Would love to see some of our great greyhound rescues here try to work with the galgo rescues as well.

Barbara Richards

Deedee, several English rescues do work with the Spanish ones, see Greyhounds in Need,I found them yrs. before I knew anything of the abuse of the Spanish hunting dogs, it was when we got our 1st 2 Greyhounds,from Woodgreen animal rescue nr Cambridge,(early 90's) so I'd get all my dogs coats, collars etc from their shop,+ all my notelets, xmas cards etc, as all helps the greys. that I was told about G.I.N(+ not the drink!!!lol..) started many yrs ago by Anne Finche, they bring over many Galgos to re home here, + many Spanish rescues(usually run by English people) are now sending to other countries, see Viv Actin on f/b ANIMAL WELFARE SUPPORT MERCIA, she works 24/7 to rescue + help the dogs in need(+ there are 100's/1000's of them, but her group is growing, + other countries becoming involved in helping out,if you go to her pages 1st, many links to other rescues from there, + she always knows the good ones + the ones to avoid....whatever you do, do NOT have anything to do with LAG..(Lets Adopt Globle)long story, but steer well clear of this group..... so yes, there are now more = more English rescues helping the Galgos + Podencos of Spain, Viv is one wonderful woman, who wi;ll never give up helping the poor used/abused dogs of Spain + I lived there, + came home to Norfolk with 5, Galgos + Podencos, having by this time, sadly lost our 1st 2 while in spain, both at rest in our grounds, but never wish to see Spain again....

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