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Just want to let you know that I, along with many more I'm sure, have been following your messages about your adorable Karmel's health problems and I wish you and Karmel all our best wishes. Your vet sounds like a very dedicated, professional. We have a rescued Podenco, adopted from L'Europe des Levriers in January. Although he has some issues, he's just adorable and is slowly coming round to trusting the human race.



Thank you for your kind comments about Karmel's 'health diary'. It has been very depressing for both Karmel and myself, but I had every faith in my vet that she would find out what the problem is. She is only a young vet, studied in several countries, and specialises in canines. She has already been involved in looking after some of my foster galgos and podencos, and did such a marvellous job of operating on Bebe, my little podenca, after her serious road accident in Seville, that the little dog is running around on 4 legs like she had never had her bad injuries!

Karmel's health problem has been a learning curve for us and for my vet, and I hope that a lot of readers have benefited from following the diary. It seems that the greyhound breed is susceptible to this disease, and I am sure that, with the uncontrolled breeding of galgos in Spain, there will be many dogs who - if they are lucky enough to reach 6 years still alive! - will be sufferers, since it is a genetic disease which will be passed on through the generations by the breeding bitches. Breeding healthy dogs will not be important to a galguerro or gypsy!!

Keep reading Galgo News and pass word about it to your family, friends, neighbours etc. The galgos need all the publicity they can get to help improve their life, as do the wonderful volunteers who take such risks to help these beautiful loving dogs.


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