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barbara richards

so good to read in 'galgo news' of the walk in malaga + all the protests now starting up about the barbaric treatment of these wonderful dogs by their evil + barbaric 'owners' these are the ones who need 'stringing up'galgos + Podincos have such a dreadful 'life' if you can call it that!!!!! + an even worse 'end' to it, these people have no heart or feelings + call them selves 'christian Catholics' probably even going to a church on a sunday!!!!Bloody hypocrites the lot of them!!! An eye for an eye, treat them as they treat their poor defenseless dogs, in fact, one of the most kind + gentle of breeds.Thank God that people are now making their feelings well + truly felt about this, I applaud you all + the work + time you give to this disgusting animal cruelty,may it soon be stamped out, both in spain + even here in the u.k + Ireland were so many are bred as well,+ meet such a sad end,so few end their lives in a happy 'home forever', ours will!!.

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