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I´m from Seville, Spain. I live with 4 dogs. 2 of them are galgos, Robin y Lua. Lua will stay with me forever (she is my girl), but Robin is waiting for someone to adopt him in Netherlands. I love greyhounds, they are so calm and lovely, and I think we all must fight against the cruelty they suffer, but I also think that this kind of boycott is not the right way. People who hunt with galgos are not the same people who make, distribute or sell the wine and the cheese. If you stop buying manchego cheese you are only doing harm to the people who live from this industry, not to the "galgueros". Instead,we must fight for the laws to be changed, in order to achieve the prohibition of hunting with greyhounds.
That´s only my humble opinion.



Thank you for reading Galgo News, and for taking the time to comment. Everyone's opinion is worthwhile.

I appreciate what you say about the boycott affecting local people who rely on the food and wine producing industry. But they are also the people who live in the areas where the horrendous atrocities are perpetrated against the galgos. And so, if their livelihood is affected by a boycott of the goods they produce, they might feel compelled to rise up against the galguerros.

Please do keep reading Galgo News.




I can't belive that this is happening. I live in Norway. And i'm 15 years old. I don't know mutch to way but i'm crying every nite over this. Give the dog a chance. I WOLUD DO EVERYTHIING TO SAVE THEM, IF I KNEW HOW.


Bonjour Kate

Thank you for commenting on the Spanish boycott. Any publicity you can give to get support for all the campaigns on Galgo News will be wonderful. You can help so much just by doing this.

Keep reading Galgo News and tell all your family and friends about it, and about the stories we tell.

And don't cry too much.



Es patetitco que para tener protagonismo y salir en la prensa tengais que aprovechar de circusntancias puntuales y minoritarias, que todos los españoles repudian y recrimininan y son totalmente inazeptable, las autoridades españolas se preocupan de detener a estos desaprensivos criminales que hacen hestos y otros actos detestables con los animales.
Yo antes de recriminar lo que se hace en casa ajena miraria la mia primero.
Con vuestro comportamiento que os parece tan correcto y que tan buena propaganda haceis por todo el mundo cuando vais a animar a vestros equipos de futbol y cuando vais de turismo, borrachos perdidos, que tndria que hacer el mundo con vosotros?, ¿que producto tendriamos que haceros voicot?.
Soy un gran defensor de los animales y de la naturaleza de todo el mundo, pero me da mucha pena de mala gente como vosotros que aprovechais cualquier circunstancia para un protagonismo y beneficio propio y particular.

Beryl Brennan


I am unsure exactly what you are saying but, with the help of an Internet translation package, I believe you are saying that anyone who tries to fight against the Spanish authorities who try to stop the hateful acts again animals is pathetic -'patetitco'.

The translation says you are accusing me of being so correct and so good and that I perpetrate propaganda against the good people of Spain.

That all British who are tourists are drunkards and soccer hooligans. I would disagree with you on this, but sadly all the publicity in the papers gives this impression. And most British people would like to do to the drunken British tourists and soccer hooligans exactly what the vile Spanish hunters do against the innocent galgos and podencos at the end of every hunting season.

You may be a defender of animals and nature worldwide, but I cannot accept that you accuse me of being a bad person to support the fight of dozens of associations who try to improve the situation for the galgos and podencos in Spain.

The people of Spain and Castille La Mancha have to realise that the outside world is watching them and what they do and will rise up against the perpetration of such barbarism as is inflicted on the innocent animals of that country and region.

We WILL win, in the end.


Hi Beryl,
I'm an animal rights defender too, but I also consider you are wrong. What Gines said is that drunken British hooligans (and some not hooligans too) should make UK to deserve a boycott, using the same rule. I can add fox hunters, knife killers in London, soldiers in Irak, and a long list follows. Spanish government supports SEPRONA, the police that prosecute nature and animal criminals, and they are paid by the wine and cheese taxes that you propose to boycott. Have your country a dedicated police corp like this? Following your rule, how many countries deserve a boycott? What about Israel, USA, Russia, just to name some criminal countries. Will you boycott all of them? It is very probable that you are a good person, like most of the humans are, but behaving in the wrong way, like a pro-galgo fundamentalist. Save the galgos, get focused on it if you want, but let the cheese makers in their business, finally they and you are stupids humans beings, like me.
P.S.: FYI, I'm not Spanish and I'm not in the cheese business, and over all I hate the Manchego Cheese!

Beryl Brennan

Bon Soir Ricardo

I do not take issue with what you say. I feel very strongly about many of the things about Britain, which is why my husband and I and animals moved to France 8 years ago. We vehemently abhor the war in Iraq - the British people did not vote for this! - and it is such a waste of young mens lives - I saw on British Television this week a young British man who had lost both legs and an arm and was disfigured on his face ..........just in his 20s..............and why? What future does he have? Because blasted Blair and Bush made the wrong decisions. And I would like Blair to have the guts to send his eldest son to Afghanistan. It might make him realised what a s..t decision he made on the future of the lives of young men in the British Armed Forces, who have no choice in where they are sent to fight.

And I cant tell you how strongly I abhor also the drunken louts and disgustingfemales who invade the Spanish coastal resorts. They make the majority of Britishpeople feel thoroughly ashamed and sickened of being British.

So, I agree with you, the British also have their paedophiles who go overseas to practice their sick ....... For me, they should be castrated and put in shackles for the rest of their lives!

So, yes, I agree with you in what you say. The British are also not a nation to be proud of. BUT they do enforce the animal welfare laws which exist, which Spain totally disregards.

Andif no one fights the corner for the galgos.............

Thanks for reading, forreading GN and for commenting. I hope you will continue to do so.



Dear Beryl,
I don't want to go in an endless debate with you, because I feel that we will agree more than disagree. I named British, because I feel an impulse to defend the Gines point of view, but I can change British for French, and Fox Hunting for Foie-Grass ducks, and then apply the same reasoning. What I tried is to criticize the embargo! it is absolutely ridiculous! Is the right way to get the opposite of what we want. We need the people on our side, we are the minority in Spain, and we will not get the cheese makers involved in our fight punishing them because they live in Spain. I am absolutely convinced that Spanish culture must change regarding the violence, but culture changes are not driven by force.
Sorry for my British friends, if I offended someone; beside I can agree or disagree with Gines, we need to say sorry to him too, who is probably one of the millions of Spaniards for the animal welfare. He is one of the soldiers that we need on our side, and blaming his country as a whole, we are loosing a friend.
Spanish people is sometimes rough or rude, but going in the right way, changing slowly; for sure is "not a nation to be proud of", as you said. Which nation is better? tell me, so I move there tomorrow. Spanish also sent their pedophiles overseas. Aznar sent the troops to Irak... but I also have personally seen the SEPRONA Spanish police saving galgos in the roadside, you have translated an article regarding them (http://www.galgonews.com/2010/04/gran-canaria-seprona-save-8-podenco-canarios-man-charged.html). Again, saying "they (the Brits) do enforce the animal welfare laws which exist, which Spain totally disregards." is throwing stones on our roof. Spain have a corp to enforce the animal welfare, AND Spain have many people that ignore the law. Type *anycountry* animal torture in google and you will get thousands of results, what we should do? boycott all countries?
You said "no one fights the corner for the galgos...", it is not true, there are lots of people like you and me, and probably Gines, but offending them we loose the power that we need for the change.
Finally, let me say: many dogs suffer the Spanish ignorance, not just the galgos. Being a dog in Spain gives real sense to the "dog's life" expression. Galgos are "so cute" and "so Spanish" that is easier to loose the focus on the problem working just for them. This is probably the "pathetic protagonism" that Gines complains, let me add: in some ways "elitist".

Thank you for your extensive and sincere answer.

Viva España, y vivan los galgos too.

Beryl Brennan


Have you ordered my book yet? You might like to write a review.

Thanks for reading GN and commenting.



Hola ricardo.

Soy un chico de 16 de España, y de Castilla La-Mancha. Solo soy un adolescente, pero pienso que estas muy MUY equivocado y estoy muy ofendido por ello.

La gente de castilla la mancha no busca enriquecerse a costa de los galgos, ni mucho menos, ellos lo que quieren es subsistir con sus recursos, con nuestros propios recursos, y si nos hemos ganado una fama gastronómica es por la calidad de neustros productos, no por los galgos.

Un boicot hacia los quesos manchegos y vinos manchegos no hace disminuír lo que defendeis, ya que haría empobrecerse a una región ya de por si pobre.

Puede que a ti no te guste el queso manchego, pero comerlo no te hace ni exterminador de toros ni exterminador de galgos.

Otro tema es el de los toros. Los toros son una muestra de la cultura ESPAÑOLA, no Castellanomanchega, y no todo el mundo apoya esta práctica, pero evidentemente, aquel que quiera defender lo suyo, que lo haga, el que no quiera, que se aparte.

Yo no estoy ni a favor ni en contra de los toros, pero es una muestra de nuestra cultura, y a ningún Americano le gustaría que se cancelasen los rodeos, ni a ningún Árabe le gustaría que cancelasen las carreras de camellos.

Simplemente, no generalices.


Hi ricardo.

I'm a boy and I'm 16 years old, from Spain and from Castilla La-Mancha.I'm only a teenager, but I think that you are wrong
and I'm offended.

The people of Castilla La-Mancha don't want make a fortune at the expense of galgos, absolutly no. The people of Castilla La-Mancha wants subsist with his own resources, with our own resources and if we have gained gastronomic it's for the quality of our products, no for the galgos.

A boycott to Manchego Chees and Manchego Wine will impoverish our region, that is normaly poor.

May be that you don't like Manchego Chees, but eat it doesn't make you Galgo's killer or Bull's killer.

The bulls are a desmostration of SPANISH culture, not from Castilla La-Mancha and no all the people accept "Corridas", but evidently, if you want defend your ideology, do it, but if you don't want do it, that aside.

I'm not for this or against, but is a demostration of OUR culture, and anyone from USA would like annul "rodeos" or an Arabic people would like annul camel's race.

Simply, not Generalize!

Y viva España, Castilla La-Mancha y sus Castellanomanchegos!

Paco from Spain

Ms. Brennan thank you very much for the sensitivity of his words: The starving dogs that give Spain a bad name - The Telegrapf.
In Spain, among most hunters and galgueros as "usual" when the dogs are no longer useful to run or not enough 'greedy', according to slang, is that the hang or throw them into wells. If they are lucky, they shoot themselves, although that is not as common, because it takes full account of the price of the bullet. Also used "solutions" more sophisticated and quiet as injections of bleach. Although recently discovered piles of dead greyhounds were tied to large rocks living in caves (this "art" must be new).
Others were abandoned. Of these, the few who survive, they are seen roaming the fields and roads in a state that might not describe. If they are lucky, their suffering ends under the wheels of a car.
I am referring to the annual target of 50,000 greyhounds. That is the reality of greyhounds in Spain.
Thank you very much again, Mrs. Brennan, to speak for and on behalf of these helpless beings who have no voice.


Great letter Beryl, we are singing from the same sheet. I marched , if march is the right word as I had a rotten hip, twice in London against the war in Iraq. It has been a great sadness to me that it proceeded. Like you the tragic loss of life and limb in Afghanistan is to my mind impossible to justify.
Yes we do have cruelty to animals in Britain which is sometimes, we don't have to look far to find examples such as slaughter of beautiful horses at Aintree, persecution of dogs on the basis of their appearance, I am shocked that the RSPCA seems happy to seize friendly, happy dogs from their owners just on the basis of looks. Then there's Crufts....
I also agree with Ricardo, the best way forward is education and winning the hearts of people. Sadly sometimes drastic measures are necessary to get attention.
We have to raise awareness and protest whenever possible,
Judy Ward

Beryl Brennan

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Aintree and Crufts - horse breeders and dog
breeders - all contribute to cruelty and abandonment, everywhere in the
world. We have to keep trying in our own way to put a stop, the animals
cant speak for themselves. Beryl

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