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Helle, Denmark

Send e-mail to Christina Narbona on the 20th of March 2008 as you mention it above

Helle, Denmark

I am sorry, I wrote it wrong, it is:
E-mail sent !

Valarie Wolf

Just sent email off to Minister Narbona. Does anyone know if the number of Galgos used for hunting has been reduced? Are they being afforded any more protection these days?



Thanks for supporting the galgos. Sadly the numbers aren't decreasing, but there is hope that some impression is being made with a few of the municipal authorities. The mayors are often hunters too, so have no interest in protecting the galgos. But they are aware that hundreds of thousands of people around the world are now watching the animal cruelty carried out in Spain in the name of 'tradition' and some impression is gradually being made.

It's important that the volunteers who have to deal with the mass abandonment and cruelty know so many of us are supporting them too, and trying to help the situation.

Please give as much publicity as possible to the campaigns and the plight of the galgos and Galgo News.

Thanks for reading, and commenting, and emailing.


Dawn Davies

Dear Mrs narbona
regarding the controversial reforms you intend to change about the brutal practise of bull fighting. are any of these changes in place now. or ar we getting any nearer to banning this evil practise. wish you all the best in your campaign


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