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monica s

In the US, the vets make the determination concerning the condition of the dog and this is what is reported to the judge for sentencing.
If the vet determines malnourished or other atrocities, the animal is confiscated immediately and pictures are taken for sentencing.
Once you have harmed or not fed a dog or cat you lose all of your rights immediately. If the situation warrants, the owner is handcuffed immediately and taken to jail for questioning and held.

There are holes in the law in Spain, as no one confiscates the abused animal, and no vet makes such a determination. A micro chip or license is not a license to injur an animal since this falls under the penal code.
In the case of a human, the doctor or hospital makes the determination and the situation for a dog or cat is the same.


Hi Monica

Thank you very much for reading Galgo News and taking the time to comment on this. It is very interesting and something which I will keep aside to note, for future reference.

Please spread the word about the Letter to the Spanish Prime Minister too, the more we and all the other animal lovers keep hammering on at these people who could improve the laws to protect dogs like Linda, and prosecute their owners, perhaps one day it might have some effect.

Thank you again for your comments.


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