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Telma Shaw

Hi I just sent a box of coats to a volunteer at an APO address in Spain, I am in California, who will move coats onto a friend named Charlotte del Rio in Malaga area who will then get them to the girls running the Cuidad Animal Shelter. I will continue to make coats and send in this manner as I am very worried about those freezing galgos.
I have been making fleece coats for the galgos for years now, but for some reason I am focusing on Cuidad Animal right now as I think they are in such need..
Telma Shaw
Galgo Rescue Inter. Network



Thanks for your interest in my site. Charlotte is in contact with me, a wonderful person who works so very hard for the galgos. Which shelter have your coats gone to, La Bienvenida or Pedro Munoz?
I have a couple of volunteers near me who are going to make coats too.
If you have any news about happenings in Spain, through your contacts, which you think should be mentioned on Galgo News, do let me know.


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