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Thank you for caring about the Galgo.

You can also help by buying a coat for your own Galgo, Grey or Whippet.

All the raised funds will be dedicated to help the Spanish Galgos in need.

le Bulletin Des Lévriers is expecting your visits. Do not fotget to sign the petitons, they are all gathered in the "AGIR" section of le Bulletin.

Kind regards.

Barbara LEFRANC-

le Bulletin Des Lévriers

Pétition en ligne :


Just a note to anyone who thinks about using this site to promote their own.

This site is independent.

Anyone visiting Galgo News can find out about the individual rescue associations through the links on this site.

DO NOT try and promote your own site through using the comments medium on this site.

This site is PURELY a link to your site. YOU MUST NOT use this site for other than as a link or to feed general information for ALL galgo/podenco rescue associations.

If you REALLY care about galgos and are not on a self-promoting exercise, you will use this site as a communication medium to work towards gathering together EVERYONE who is working towards getting the Spanish government to legislate on the control of breeding of galgos, to ban the use of galgos and podencos for hunting in any form.


I am surprised by this reaction.
Independence should not exclude solidarity especially when it is a question of being the greatest number to denounce the ill-treatment of the greyhounds of Spain
Unless the rescue of the greyhounds of Spain was a race with the medal for those which, supposedly, defend them???
Sorry for my bad english but generally it's in Spanish that I defend the galgos
If you want to be registered on the list of signatories of denonces mails for Spain you can write to webmestre@galgo and leave your name and email. More than one hundred signatories in two monthes: it is that solidarity ;-)))


[email protected]




Thanks for your interest in my site.

I have signed numerous petitions to help save the galgos, I hope they will all be presented at the same time, to give strength in numbers.

Personally, I think it better to have one main petition, rather than several which don't get the volume and therefore run the risk of not having the same impact as one big petition.

Keep reading, and if you have any contributions you would like to send me, please do so by email. They are not a problem for me to translate, if you write in French.

Thank you again for your interest.

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