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Ann Keightley

Wow! I can't understand why Fox is still looking for a home.
What is his size and weight please?
How is he with other dogs?
Best wishes


Hi Anne

Thanks for your comment. I have emailed you direct, I have asked Cristina for his height and weight, he is fine with other dogs, cats, loves to play, is very affectionate and loving, obedient. A perfect little chap.

Will let you know the answers as soon as I hear back.

Thank you also for reading Galgo News and taking the time to comment.


Ann Keightley

I was told Fox is not for rehoming in the UK!!!! Why? A good home is in Fox's best interest regardless of the Country, provided it's a suitable home. Why advertise on UK forum and pull at our heart strings when you know this dog is not for homing in the UK ???


At the moment, these dogs cannot be rehomed in the UK for the following reasons. The main problem is with the Spanish passports. These problems have only manifested themselves since British people living in France have adopted dogs. Sometimes the microchip is done after the vaccinations, sometimes there is no 'valid until' date for the vaccinations, no blood tests are done to check if the rabies vaccination has taken (I am told this is because there is no rabies in Spain) and, in one case, there were 2 microchip numbers in the papers for one dog. So, with all these complications, it would be impossible to import one of these dogs to the UK at the moment. I have explained these problems to the people involved in Spain, but it is, understandably, difficult for them to comprehend the controls placed by DEFRA on the import of dogs from overseas.

Sadly Ann has done us all a great disservice by shouting off like this when she did not have all the facts to hand. I have suggested she could help by fostering a dog through the scheme run by Sandra Baas, or making a donation to the Pedro Munoz refuge to help get it finished. The galgos at the moment are sleeping without shelter in freezing conditions.

And it is not a good thing to write angrily at an ungodly hour of the morning!


One final point. I live permanently in France, so I run my forum from France.

kate buckley

Thank God I now live in France. Please let me give some poor young soul a home, preferably a girl as they are neutered. Noone deserves to live like this... Always the least equipped to cope who suffer the most.

Rebecca Blackmore

Fox is absolutely beautiful and so regal. The intelligence that he radiates is intense. It is hard to believe that no one has spoken for him. I would gladly make a home for him as I would for any of the others. I love them all, I just can't help it. I have 5 dogs, for now 2 cats and I had 3 horses. They are my "fur kids",with 4 of the dogs, both cats and 2 horses being rescues. I have found loving forever homes for the big boys "horses". I just love all creatures. I feel it is an honor to care for them, for they are so much smarter then we, in tune and as one with nature and earth. If we humans ever were like this it is pretty much gone by out greed and evil ways. I would love to have Fox as one of my kids. Please, just hold on, there "IS" a special forever family for him.

Rebecca Blackmore

I am not sure if it indicates this but I am from the US.

Beryl Brennan

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Thanks foryour post. Yes, Fox is a
poppet. And its my fault that I havent noted on his story that, because
no one came forward to offer him a home, Cristina kept him in the

Its very difficult not to want to keep them
all; I have that problem. I would like to take Kafir, but we have a
male lurcher, Floyd who, although very good with the male foster dogs we have
had, might not cope with a male with a disability. And MOH would probably
have something to say, like you cant adopt them all!!

Thanks for your continuing support for the posts on
Galgo News.


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