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Amanda Smith

I would just like to say what a wonderful job these volunteers are doing if it wasnt for them were would the Galgos turn! How do you get involved with the rescue work? I would love to help out in any way i could,yours amanda smith,greyhound and lyrcher lover


Hi Amanda

Thank you for writing. There are many ways of helping the galgos and podencos, they desperately need every bit of help they can get.

Type of help depends on where you are. If you are in Europe, there are many rescue associations to join, listed on Galgo News. I'll list a few here

1. Fundraise, as the European associations rely on membership fees and donations. They get no state aid worth speaking about

2. Join in one of the rescues and help transport rescued dogs into France, Belgium, Holland, Germany.

3. Foster a dog or adopt one

4. Sew or knit coats for the galgos in refuges in Spain - it gets extremely cold at night in winter.

5. Volunteer to help at one of the Spanish refuges.

6. Support the campaigns, like signing petitions, writing letters, such as you will find on Galgo News. My idea is that if we send thousands of letters from around the world, one day they might be taken notice of.

7. Publicise as much as possible the plight of the galgos.

Hope that gives you some ideas!

Let me know how you get on, and please tell everyone about Galgo News.


Helle, Denmark

Thank you SO MUCH Gemma and Sonia and Caridad for all the work you are doing for the dogs !!!
Remember - You are not alone !!!
I will help a.o. in that way that I will spread the words about the dogs and your work and other good peoples work as much as I am able to among people I know and people I meet on my way and also by signing lots of petitions and also by writing letters by my self to Embassies and other 'officials'. And I am about to sew some coats for the dogs in Spain too.
And other good people and more Associations in Denmark are doing great works for the dogs in Spain.
So think about and remember, I know the times must be very rough for you. You are not alone, my thoughts often go to you rescuing-people in Spain with respect and love for what you are doing.

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