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Elisabeth Weinerman

This gorgeous galga looks like a wonderful black and white boy who made the trip from Spain to the US last November.
Hidalgo has now been renamed Carlos and is doing great in his foster home. He is an absolute lover and thanks to Galgo Rescue International Network (GRIN), his bad eye, sores and wounds have been healed.
I don't know why anyone wouldn't want one of the beautiful black galgos and greyhounds. Personally, they are my favorites !



Thank you for reading Galgo News and taking the time to comment. The black galgos are beautiful, aren't they, the shine on their coats is just amazing. And yet it seems the black ones, especially black male galgos, are the hardest ones to rehome. There are currently 3 black galgos on the L'Europe des Levriers website which have not been able to find forever homes, which is very sad, as the dogs are so needy of family life.

Thanks again for writing.



Hello Elisabeth

I am the very proud owner of adorable Flora and I thank you for your comments. The photo on here is one which was taken about a month of her being adopted. She has now put on weight, is full of confidence, her coat is even shinier and she just loves life. After her horrendous experiences she is a very loving, playful, cheeky galga who still steals the occasional sausage or bagette...but who cares as long as she is happy.

Elisabeth Weinerman

I hope l'Europe des Levriers can find homes for those pups.
I have been trying to get my sister-in-law in France to adopt one :)
I don't think she is quite ready for that yet !
Thanks June for giving this girl a great home.
I know how these galgos can tug at your heartstrings. You should post some more pictures though, at least so I can get my fix of the sweet black galgas LOL
By the way I just put one of my pins up on ebay with some of the money going to GRIN. You should be able to get to it by clicking on my name below this post. Look in the Charity Auction part of my store.
I will try and list more stuff soon (as soon as I can get a day off work).
Have a greyt day / evening ya'll !


Hello Elisabeth

I am so glad that you are keeping up with the galgos on here especially my Flora...you are right she is very special and yes I will put some more photos of her on as soon as she stands still long enough to let me take her photo. I have looked at your ebay charity auction and I would love to have the pendant...when I get a moment I will be in touch with you again.
Very busy organising fund raising with Beryl
Take care and thank you from Flora.

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