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penelope alderson

Hello Anne, how lovely to see that you are still active in your role of saviour to the Galgos. We lost touch a few years back but I hope you remember me as a helper who tried to get someting done about Pat Osbourne here on the Costa Blanca.Unfortunately we were not able to close her down but I believe the numbers have been reduced and the conditions improved? Keep up the vital work and take care. Love and best wishes, Penelope Alderson.


Hello Beryl, long time no talk. Feel free to add me on Facebook if that interests you.

Steven Gonzálvez

Michaela Lamoureux

Hi Beryl.
Kudos to you for the work you are doing. It is great to know there are caring people who love and protect these Galgos.
One of the articles I read was about 4 Galgos in a killing station in Valladolid. Has something been done for them? We are a Greyhound rescue and Canada and we are willing to help in any way we can. This situation breaks my heart, and hopefully something will be done.
Thanks so much,
Michaela Lamoureux.

Beryl Brennan

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Contact the people in the post direct, use
Spanishdict.com for a translator, and they will be able to tell you how you can
help. It is a case of getting the dogs out and into foster homes or a
shelter, so that they can receive veterinary treatment as soon as

Thank you for caring.




Helping to make
a difference

A person who has never known a dogs love has
missed a wonderful part of life. Bob Barker

The dog has no ambition, no self-interest, no
desire for vengeance, no fear other than that of displeasing.
Count of Buffon

barbara richards

good to see Anne Finch, started my 1st contact with G.I.N via her,we do still support,ie xmas cards-key rings,notelets, even a bag for my 'pick up the poo plastic bags to go into,saves filling pockets with plastic bags!!!!" coats made for my 1st 2 english rescue g-hounds,(now sadly gone,but had a wonderful life) + several more for our spanish rescues,now home + safe in the uk with a waterproof mac for my little 'madam' a sm. podinco, + 1 podinco x, can't send donations,now oaps, but do what we can for G.I.N in other ways, a wonderful dedicated lady, + of course, ALL who help with the rescue of these beautiful gentle dogs, so sadly abused by heartless ignorant bastards(sorry, but could think of even worse to call them!!! How do they sleep at night..........

Beryl Brennan

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Thank you for your story, what lucky dogs to have
found you. As you say, how do the perpetrators of animal cruelty, whatever
the animal, sleep at night. A friend in Andalucia and I have saved a
horse, wed like to save her filly and the colt in the next stable - one male
bastard hits it across the face because he says it is ugly - how we would like
to save them - but a gypsy owns them, so he wants his money and then the owner
of the yard wants his money - so we end up paying double the price for each
beastie - which we cant afford to do. Once was enough. The
frustrating thing is that where I live in France, I have 15 hectares of grazing
meadows - perfect for young horses - and a hug building which could concert into
many kennels for rescued dogs. But I need to win the EuroMillions ticket,
like someone in the UK has done this weekend! At least we know that each
life we save is important to that life.



Pietrangeli Pia

Avec vous de tout mon cœur....


Merci pour tout ce qui a été fait et tout ce qui reste à faire.
Bravo !
Ne jamais abandonner ...............

Christina M. Norton

Thank you so much Anne for your work regarding our beloved galgos. Your efforts inspire me to--if you'll pardon the expression--get off my ass and do something for these noble, precious, feeling beings. My husband and I adopted a wonderful galgo 2 months ago and I can't tell how happy all of us are, including Chester (he'd almost died before the 3 of us met for life.) And, everyday, i ask myself--how could anyone do what they obviously did to our Ches?


Christina M. Norton

Georgina Burns

Hi Penelope
I note this was posted in 2009, but maybe you will still receive this.
So sad that Pat Osbourne was not closed down, what is wrong with Seprona????? Pat seemed to start off ok, but somewhere along the line she ..lost it..big time, does she still have galgos now?
Take care
georgie & gang

Beryl Brennan

Georgina, from memory I think Pat was the lady who died suddenly. Some associations took some of the dogs and I believe another association took over running the shelter.

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