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Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen

Happy New year to you and your pack from my four greyhounds and I the fight for greyhounds continues on this year as all the others. I have begun to show my ex-racers with great success and thus show the public that greyhounds are more versatile than they think that they are more than betting units that they deserve a good life as family members that you don´t just discard them when their racing career is at an end. It seems to me that at times when take one step forward only to be thrown right back to square one but giving up is not an option every greyhound depend on our alerting others to their plight and our continued fight must continue if they greyhounds are to have a second chance of life. I have just discovered that you can now bet on greyhound racing and the local small shop where they also have gambling going on and sadly betting on both horse and greyhound racing something I will fight against with simple education telling them what happens to greyhounds and ask them not to place bets on them it will be hard work ahead but I will not stop until racing is banned. I have three ex-racers of my own they are much loved and apriciated family members as they all deserve to be. I will fight to alert people to the plight of galgoes to sign petitions and that sort of thing its all I can do but I feel that it is my duty to do so. Happy New Year 2018 from my four greyhounds and I.


Happy New Year Beryl. I love this picture, looks like Gracie and Jake!

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