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Laura Savill

Thank you Beryl for all the work you still do for the dogs you keep alot of folk informed and inspire to do more.

Beryl Brennan

Thank you Laura, Thank you also to Trudy for your kind comments.


Great work that you do Beryl. I didn't fully realise the extent of the problem until I read Galgo News despite at the time having two rescue galgos of my own. I think I have been reading galgo news for seven years now!

Beryl Brennan

Another reader who wishes associations would remember websites...'I too find it so annoying that FB seems to be used by organisations to keep people up to date with their news and appeals without an up to date website. Some of the sites I try to visit have been out of date for years and of little or no use. Trying to track items on FB can often take forever.'

Daisy Carnazza

Thank goodness someone opened our eyes, and it's you, Beryl!
It's great that you created GalgoNews and PodencoPost!

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