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He is absolutely gorgeous. Ah my heart is breaking for him. He looks like my greyhound Smudge who we adopted at 9, he lived until he was 14. Please don't let this gorgeous boy be overlooked. It's wonderful to adopt an oldie, see them blossom and all the 'I can't believe it' looks they give you when they receive love, attention, good food, toys and a warm bed. This boy deserve all of this. Look at his lovely face, beautiful boy.


I am interested to adopt Negro. I called several times but I get no answer. I also wrote a message to Beryl. How can I get in touch? Where is Negro and is he still available?
I am in the Netherlands and I have 4 girls. 2 galga's, 1 Podenco and 1 saluki. All adopted.


Negrio is in Huelva, in southern Spain. The lady to contact is on this weblink - on facebook. She is called \Mara Guisandetorillo. https://www.facebook.com/mara.guisandetorilo

Nilda Eisenheim

Maria Guisande is on holiday. Who can I contact now to help Negro and Anja Walhout please ?



This is the lady who posted him on my Save the Galgo facebook page, more than that I can't tell you.

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