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Johanna Wasström

Signed earlier, shared on Twitter and ESDAW's FB page. Will also include it in my tweetstorm #StopGreyhoundTorture for galgos, podencos and racing greyhounds. Will also write to those Irish politicians. XX

Beryl Brennan

Thank you Johanna, really appreciate your tweeting my posts, it's not something I use, Craig (webmaster) put the tweet buttons on my blog.


I can't bear to watch the video, watching animals suffering makes me ill because I know that I can't help them, I can't get them out of that hell pit. I Have signed everything going, written to MPS etc in protest of the Greyhounds transported to Pakistan and China. Transporting dogs to these countries should be banned, it should be a criminal act. The so called people who sell the dogs on are evil scum.


It's impossible to continue accepting these crimes against greyhounds.
Please stop them once for ever, and protect greyhound from this exterminationt!

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