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Excellent news!! Hope people took notice of them.

Gabriela Baldaia

Thank you, guys in #Franfurt, #Germany !!
Amazing support !!!


It was a great event and the weather was excellent.
I was there and met 3 old Spanish ladies (so around 60-65 years old).
They were visiting Frankfurt (were tourists).
They didn't know a thing about the plight of the galgos!!!
They started to explain to me that only the English exploit the sighthounds!
They simply did not want to believe me that nearly ALL these dogs are Spanish dogs, bred by Spanish hunters and abandoned by Spanish guys.
I suppose that MILLIONS of Spaniards have no idea whatsoever about the plight of the galgos.

Beryl Brennan

Amazing, Tunde, that these ladies did not know what happens in the hunting provinces in their country. Maybe they came from the Basque region where there is no hunting with galgos?

Joan Capobianco

I have read that it s part of Spain's religious customs which includes animal abuse. That so why it's so hard to change attitudes towards the animals. The abuse to the galgos is trying to be hidden like what happens to dogs in China.

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