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Gabriela Baldaia

So glad to know Linda has been rescued, and is now living in a loving home !!
Blessed be all the rescuers !!

Marianna Prenger

Yes 😀 and I found that picture of her only by coincidence, now after she lives with us for four years allready,because I wanted to show galgo puppies to my boyfriend...wich in fact I've never seen either, even in Spain not🤔. When I saw the photograph I was convinced it is Linda. And all people that know her well comfirmed that it must be her. Same face, same look..so glad she found her way to our family. We all love her, she's quite a character! She has some traumas and yes the...hunting...but apart of that she is just handsome lovely amd always friendly and gentle. Thanx to all the galgo rescuers out there!


She is beautiful and one of the lucky ones. How lovely that life has turned out like this for her, sweet girl. Good to read a happy story.

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