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Heartbreaking to read. Makes me feel so helpless.................

Beryl Brennan

I know.. me too...spent sleepless nights after reading CAGED Northwest page on facebook about it all...I have a personal problem that for all the galgos who are adopted in the UK, most people otherwise might take an Irish or English greyhound...so these poor souls miss out and go to China instead...people will disagree but until the UK learnt about the plight of the galgos, they might have adopted more local greyhounds. It was a British greyhound - ear tattooed but untraced through the Greyhound Stud Book in Newmarket - who started me on my passion for these fabulous hounds...unthinkable about China...just hope the poor dogs are humanely killed if they are fed to zoo animals! BUT China doesn't do 'humane' as we all know with the Yulin Dog Fest.


I hope the greyhounds in both pictures were taken and saved from a horrendous journey . The look in her eyes made me cry . So helpless . My prayers are with the poor souls who end up in China .
Breaks my heart to think of the misery they endure.

Rose Siwek

God damn awful, I hope the dogs find peace and excess love xxx


I have supported the recent Caged NW campaign to put posters on buses so that people are made aware of the plight of Greyhounds being sent to China. It absolutely stinks. I don't think the dogs sent to China would have had the possibility of being adopted though as the trainer won't make any money from an adoption. They will however make money by selling the dogs to the Chinese. Anyone who could send a dog to a country like this with no animal welfare laws is total scum. The dogs are just money making machines to these trainers, they couldn't care less about them. I truly hate greyhound racing.

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