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judy Greenfield

Is there a way to help the people/shelters taking the Olivenza perrera dogs with a modest donation? Hopefully PayPal!

Christina Williams

It breaks my heart to see this happening to these beautiful dogs. They don't deserve this....the owners do.

Anne S

The perrera published a thread regarding this today also....as nobody knows what is going on, people now panically try to rescue...which is not good. I hope that there will be a chance to deliver the dogs to some shelters run by activists and associations nearby

Beryl Brennan

Anne - do you know where any donations to keeping the dogs in kennels etc can go - to be sure the money is used for that purpose? See Judy's question above.


This is horrendous. I will donate if anyone can tell me where to donate to, thank you


what can i do to help ,? i have a little podenco already and would hate to think this could as easily have been what happened to her. What can people here do to help ?

Beryl Brennan

I have asked if there is a contact, not heard back yet, but Olivenza Perrera have stopped posting dogs on their facebook page.

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