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Thank you for highlighting this. I was horrified that Alex Polizzi seems to think cruelty to animals is good entertainment. As we all know, the Spanish approach to animal welfare is in medieval times, and is a disgrace that shames their country.

Ms Polizzi has a lot to learn - I shall not being watching any of her future programmes.


I saw this programme advertised and couldn't stand to watch it, as given the animals that are tortured, starved and abandoned in Spain, I think a lot of Spain is far from spectacular. I had no idea that this woman would be promoting animal torture though, ignorant individual that she is. I will send email protests. If she is on Twitter or Facebook then perhaps those on social media can protest that way too?

val wolf

emails sent

Beryl Brennan

Thank you, Val, please share widely for as many protest emails as possible. Maybe also Tweeters could tweet Alex Polizzi.

Anne Persoon

Don't promote bull teasing,abusing,murder!
It has to stop,
try the the other way around,do show a bull is a nice animal.
Or is the Bullfightersorganisator paying chanel 5 to promote ?


I am in shock. To air this to a civilised country that is known for its love and respect for animals: sheer, unadulterated and indulgent cruelty and barbarism. I am speechless. I have, to this point, so looked forward to and enjoyed these insightful documentaries, so wonderfully presented. To seek to understand a culture is one thing. But to be sensitive to the culture and feelings of those watching is surely just as important? To listen to Alex Polizzi saying that ultimately she "feel a better person for seeing it", to listen to the hypocrisy of a matador describing the "beauty" of a bullfight but in the same breath telling her he does not like to see a bull die; these are declarations I just can't get my head around. We have laws to protect animals in slaughterhouses in this country, so that they are humanely killed. To watch the essence of human decency flouted before our eyes makes me sick to my stomach. I've so looked forward to these weekly airings, but have now had to switch the TV off. I really thought better of Channel 5. I will not be viewing any further episodes.

Yours aggrievedly,
Tara Corbin

Christine Daly

In my opinion Alex Polizzi has a dull voice and is boring and forgettable. Now she has sunk further in my estimation by promoting bull fighting as a cultural pastime to be enjoyed whilst in Spain. She did nothing to question this barbaric practice, instead nodding and smiling in seeming admiration of the matador and his fancy maneuvers.
This is the reality:
The matador has a choice in going to the ring, the bull and horses do not.
The bull is always at a disadvantage. His eyes are greased to impair his vision
The bull is given electric shocks, sometimes they are not even aggressive
The bulls muscles are cut at the back of his neck to further debilitate him
The horses frequently get gored, even disembowelled
Meanwhile the matador is a prancing "hero" in silky clothes and well rewarded for the blood-letting
The bull never gets to live.
Culture? it is misguided and outdated.
Cruelty? Undoubtedly- only a fool like Polizzi has stars in her eyes
She's boring and weak. I won't watch her.

Beryl Brennan

Thank you for your comment, Tana. Can you send it to the links in the article above, so it gets to Chanel 5, Alex Polizzi and the TV production company.

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