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Signed and commented

Monika Köstler, 83229 Aschau

Helpless animals who have not asked to come into this world, but are here nevertheless, deserve to be able to live their lives in full and in comfort and not be tortured unto death.

Suzanna van der Voort

When I am thinking of Spain, I see more bloodshed, cruelty than beauty of their country and nation, especially their government which is supporting this! It is about time that Spain is making a true connection in compassion and respect towards ALL lifeform, not only the human one. It is about time Spain is showing the world, that they really want to change their bad and cruel reputation permanently! I urge the goverment to stop all violence towards animals and to promote with all means, a truly civilized attitude towards ALL living beings! Wise and bright leaders will never ever support bloodshed, but will prevent this with all means!

Arens Marie-Thérèse

This pure cruelty !!!!!!!!!!!!

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