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Mary Croft

When will people become angry enough to make a change in attitudes toward animals?!

Maria Daines

Animal cruelty is the most heinous of crimes against the most vulnerable, it also leads to violence against human beings and it must be stopped for the safety of all society.


Signed, feel sick, total sub human scum. They need stopping, no doubt these scum bags kill numerous animals and abuse children too. Sick perverts, hope they rot in hell.


This has upset me so much. I always think of my own dogs when I read things like this, how happy they are. Then I think of how happy Brujo could have been with his own family - going for walks, strokes, nice food, kisses, toys and I weep for him. I am so sick of animal abusing scum getting away with these crimes. Brujo was an innocent and these people are sick perverts.

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