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I cried when I read this. I am thinking of you Lucas, please pull through, you are in the best hands now. Bless you Charl, you are an angel. Shame on the thugs who did this to you, may they get the same back tenfold. I hope that Lucas one day gets to run on the beach and experience happiness, gentle hands, soft words, a life without fear and pain. So many dogs like this suffering, it is heartbreaking. At least there is hope here as he could have no one better and kinder than Charl to take care of him.


i can well imagine the the pain this poor little boy is in the terror he must have been through he is so lucky to have been found thousands dont and its for them my guts churn for who have they got in their last seconds befor they close their eyes for ever all the agony they feel befor hand good luck little man i know you have it on your side now you are with charl


This is heartbreaking to read, but thank God for Charl.
The cruelty that mankind inflicts on living creatures never fails to amaze me, but one day they will face Judgement - of that I am sure.
Stay strong Lucas - you are now loved and cared for. Bless you Charl.


lucas is not doing so well not very strong but you do wounder with what he been through poor little soul but charl will do all she can for him that she promises so fingers x he is strong enough to pull through thinking of you little prince

shannon jessica morgan-taylor

don't know if i can help but would love to give loving forever home to lucas or ollie. have had lifetime experience of taking on and giving love to disabled abused animals. once had a "fozen" pet rat honeybun who came to me in terrible condition and was frozen with fear, soon sorted her out by pretending to ignore her until she came to me of her own accord and her confidence soared. okay a pet rat is not a podenco but the basics are the same. please contact me for more details and let me know if i can help.thanx. sjmt.


Jessica, you need to contact 112carlotagalgos direct. Thanks for caring so much.

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