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from the breeder to the hunter and all inbetween involved are responsible and like you say beryl them that claim they do nothing and hand their galgos into a rescue or a kill station are just as much to blame for letting them that are responsible carry on getting away with this if them that claim they dont torture then let them that do know that it is wrong help these poor souls once and for all speak out be a voice for the voiceless


Genial! This statue is a super ad for the adoption of galgos... (besides of being informative about the state of affairs)


a great way to remember the poor lost souls if these galgueros dont want the bad publicity treat the galgos and pods with respect and any other site hound used for your cruel sport tens of thousands of galgos and pods are not stollen from you no way you have to take blame yourself for the inhumane way these beutiful loving loyal sentient beings are disposed of i am disgusted and heart broken at the stories i read and pics and vidios i have seen re the sight hounds it is unfor givable i know none of us are perfect we have all made mistakes some more than others and some carry on making mistakes but when the life of a beutiful dog is been taken in such horrid ways its beyond comprehention i know not all galguros are responsible for the death of all the sight hounds and hand in to rescues but how long befor the rescues have to turn away and say no because of lack of addoptions i now say it is time that even the good galguros take on more responsibilites for their dogs and look after them for life if you cant do this then its time the breeding of these poor souls was looked into

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