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just ignorant to the fact of what is really going on there in other words dont give a shit after all these beutiful sentient beings are just a bit of crap to them and a bit of machinery to most hunters when is this going to end when is most people going to sit up and take note of what is really happening to these poor souls you cant see any more pics or read any more facts than what we all ready have it cant get any worse for these poor souls i cant understand most humanes i really cant


You ask: " Does she not understand the truth..?"
I think the right question to ask is:
"How much does she get for denying obvious facts, that are known to half of the world already?"

I feel very much with all the Spanish people who try to help the poor animals as their task is very complicated and their objective - prevent the unnecessary deaths of pets all around Spain - is as good as impossible to accomplish.
They must live with this inhumane frustration all the time, because of ignorant pet owners and because of corrupt politicians.
Spanish animal lovers and rescue workers, my heart goes out to you.

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