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they are only interested in the money not the welfare of the dogs its disgusting there is no love for the dogs no compassion what so ever i been on the link but with it all been in spanish dont understand but guess what its on about re the situation is there a petition for this lost count of how many i signed glad the hsi are involved may just be on the road to somewhere now hopefully these places want shutting or animal rescuers to take over and the policy wants changing to no kill perreras if the breeding was band the policy could be put in place and there needs to be a shake uo in the councils that have these places put people in with compassion towards animals i am a lover of dogs but the breed close to my heart is the sight hound simply because of what i know now in all aspects of their life what it involves from birth to death and the numbers are in the thousands my soul hurts for the sight hounds entering these pounds bless them all what a crap horrid life most of these babies have then meet an awful death you all know who it is to blame

Beryl Brennan

Update 16/1/2014

Latest update about the Mairena killing station - it seems Seprona and Guardia Civil are taking ALL the dogs out of Mairena pound in Seville tomorrow, which can only be a result of the TV EXPOSE by Canal Sur? Probably those that aren't already dead or killed will be taken to another pound.....

Beryl Brennan

PACMA, a very strong organisation in spain fighting for an end to all animal cruelty, have also raised a petition about Mairena. Please sign and share it and have a look at the PACMA website for more information about their work. The more pressure and publicity raised about Mairena the better - but what happens to all the poor abandoned dogs which would have ended up there - where will they go now?

You just need your surname, first name and email address



Signed, will be looking at info on PACMA website


i suppose roaming the streets is better than that sodding hell hole at least thay can get scraps and run free ye i know the risk of getting run over at least they will be free roaming befor the unlucky ones meet a death and no arsehole will be making money off torturing dogs if nothing is done re these places it just proves they all shit in the same pot what a surprize from 30 to 60 you brainless evil people

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