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Danielle Hart

Wow! I am awed by people like you Tanja. The indredible compassion, understanding and patience you display are amazing. Ishtar is one very, very lucky dog. Long life to both of you and lots of happiness. You are both very deserving of it.


what an exellent story so nice to hear an happy ending and it is great you have had the patience to see this through for this poor girl what an happy ending you are an hero tanja bless you both


RESPECT! Glad that there are people, giving these "special" dogs a chance. Without you., they have no chance.. With you..a LIFE! Keep up the good work..


Thank you all for your kind words!

I think Ishtar has rescued me as much as I have rescued her. Even if I have always had the dream of helping animals in need she has made me see more clearly that this is the path that I must follow.

I am sure that everyone visiting these pages finds truth in the quote "Whoever saves one life saves the world entire". This is what I reminded myself whenever someone told me that Ishtar will never adjust to her new life and I should give up on her. And people like you make me happy because I know that little by little things will change and the nightmares galgos live in will eventually be over.

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