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I have just commented on this but didn't seem to pick it up, so sorry if my comment comes up twice. This is one of the most distressing things I have ever seen/read. The whole using a dog as a bait dog is just horrific. This poor little girl must have gone through hell and be in terrible pain and terrified. The scum who have done this to her should not be on this earth. Galgos are so gentle, she would have been unable to defend herself, this whole thing makes me feel ill. Thank you to the lady who saved Yuki. Beryl, is there any chance of a paypal address, it is much better to donate this way and I want to donate. Poor Yuki, I am so sorry and am thinking of you. Thank God she is now safe and being looked after but this will scar her emotionally and physically forever. These scum who did this to an innocent, defencless, gentle dog need to be caught, prosecuted and named and shamed.


evil evil evil insane insane insane thats what you are you think you are so clever dont you letting a defenceless little souls go through such pain you are all 2 slices short of a bread loaf as much use to these babies as a chocolate fire guard grow a brain cell it might keep the other one company you poor little baby bless you yes i would like app ad aswell to put donation through for little yuki

Mo Swatek

this is complete bullsh... what they are telling about the dogfights, this galga has a sever leishmaninia.
it's amazing how people create fantasie histories about dogfights when ever they find an junjured dog. abandoned dogs also fight for their survival, for the food the find etc, they defend the food they have and even more against a sick dog like YUKI, but nobody would use half dead dog for dogfighting. they want agile and active dogs to make the pitbulls (or other similar breeds) to attack in a more agressive way.


Mo all other injuries, torn ears, eye, brocken teeths are not the result of skin leishmanisois to my knowledge. I doubt that a mere 300,-Euros will cover the entire costs until she is restored to health again, pls let the donaters decide what this galgo is worth in their opinion.

Beryl Brennan

I followed this story on facebook for a couple of days trying to decide if it was genuine - as the appeal was not through an association. As there is all the vet clinic information, including the vet email address and that they are on facebook too, I decided to publish it. I don't like my pages here being used to make accusations against people for lying - Mo, have you written to the vet clinic to ask if they are treating this dog; why haven't you made your accusations against these people direct to them on their facebook page? You can send a private email if you are not on the page - you are making libellous accusations here without any proof to back them up. So kindly do not add any more unless you have irrefutable proof. I am leaving your comments for people to read and make up their own minds. For myself, I believe the story to be genuine although I will not be donating.


Thank you Beryl. I donated this morning. Whether the injuries were received through being used as a bait dog or otherwise, she still has broken teeth, a fracture, a damaged eye and damaged ears. I have thought about this and have read Beryl's response and the funds are still required to help this girl and she doesn't just have skin leishmania. I don't know a lot about dog fighting but do know that greyhounds, cats and puppies have been used as bait for fighting dogs.

Beryl Brennan

Message just in from Lidia (Bing translation!)

Lidia Gonzalez Romero 14 January 14:25
hi all I HAVE THE HONOR OF GREAT to say that WITH REVENUE ARE WE SO FAR 1.300 euros and for now NO NEED MORE DONATIONS! we believe that this money will have for treatment and even sterilization and chip.
thank you to take my heart and soul the assistance!


Hi Beryl. Good, that is excellent news and I for one am really happy to have donated to try and help this lovely galga, who had terrible injuries. Thank you Lidia for saving her.


glad they have got the funds together i never got chance to donate so hope we will be kept updated on little yuki bless her may be able to donate in the future if need be

Beryl Brennan

First of all, it was the vet who suggested used for sparring, not the rescuer. Secondly, the vet had already diagnosed severe leishmania. Thirdly, the dog didn't have the rope on her when Lidia first spotted her.

Now the update 14/1/2014

'It seems that all the wounds in the ears and the left eye are from the severe leishmania she´s got in the skin, it´s likely that something happened to her, something bad, but not as bad as having been used for sparring. The broken teeth, the bites in the legs, the wound in the neck, she didn´t have a good life but at least she was not used for sparring as we thought, the vet said yesterday. Perhaps are bites from other stray dogs, perhaps a hit and run, who knows...'

Whatever, the dog has injuries which need treating as well as the leishmania treatment and malnutrition so hats off to the team who are working to help her.

To accuse them of dishonesty is not acceptable.

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