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done this one and also emailed the canidrome in macue re the addoption program for greys when finished racing but you know what i may aswell talk to the hand that dont answer too

luz maria booth

Why cant we make China disappear from this world, always atrocities to animals, China kills everything that moves, they will even kill their own family, m sure. This is barbaric, but we know about this, we are watching.

luz maria booth

Jenny, yes, it is so sad, we like to think that we are protecting these souls, but sometimes when we do, there is no reply. Why bother? well, we cant give up, the voiceless need us


its not the country luz maria it s the humanes in it wellthe majority of them the world is a beutiful place shame about most of the add ons

R Rikos

These beautiful dogs should not be going to one of the worst countries in the world for animal cruelty and disrespect they will end up as food this needs to STOP! Disgusting!

Allyson Richards

Does the Australian government also know that they love to eat them afterwards in China? SOS Galgos of Barcelona held a protest a couple of years ago in Irelandto stop the export from Ireland of the greyhounds where they are considered a delicacy. Strung up on hooks and skinned (often alive). I have seen the photos.....dreadful


they will know allyson butits all about profit at the end of the day and ye that protest was done all over we went to one in london re the greys to china it was stopped but then back in november 20 greys went off to spain private buyers but noone seems to know where they are poor little babies its all about profit with them all


Signed, Australia should be ashamed. They are sending these dogs to their death. They will have a brutal, short life and then will be killed most cruelly. Also likely they will be eaten and possibly skinned alive, a bl**y disgrace. China has a terrible record of cruelty to animals, no welfare laws. Where is the adoption programme, the welfare plans? Non existent! The individuals involved in this are corrupt and morally bankrupt. Australia stop sending these forgotten athletes to this hell on earth!


grey 2k are still fighting for brooklyn the greyhound from the canidrome he got an injury cantremember if it was last year he got the injury or earlier grey 2 k have a home waiting for him there was talks thet they was going to let him go to grey 2 k we all emailed i dont know where orif brooklyn is still with us i will have to go on web site i suppose they would of emailed me if anynews re brooklyn i also put in emails i sent that there needs to be an adoption plan in place for these beutiful souls check outgrey 2 k web site will open your eyes but like i said in a recent comment talk to the hand re the canidrome cause the hand dont answer too brooklyn is the spitting image of my tess

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