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Danielle Hart

A cautionary tale : One of my dogs had a knee operation and they left 2 small metal rods in (which is standard procedure). One of my other dogs had had the same operation a year before (miniature Poodles are prone to knee problems) and everything had gone fine. But this time Mylie refused to use her leg. We exercised it and yet she walked on three legs for a month. I went back to the vet and he decided that it might be because the rods were pinching her somewhere causing pain. They operated her again and removed the rods and afterwards she was fine and used her leg.

Perhaps, the same thing is happening to Tina, perhaps the metal plates are pinching her and causing her pain? A lot of animals do not show pain as such. Mylie never cried out when I did her exercices with her forcing her to use her leg, only her mouth would turn downwards, which I came to understand meant she was in pain. Pain signals can be very, very subtle. That doesn't mean that the pain is minimal, it simly means that the dog has excellent instincts and does not show pain (which is a now-useless remnant of their wild life when crying out in pain could mean death from a predator).


hope tina as a great recovery and is able to walk freely again bless her tina and alan have done wounders for her i do wish she gets her forever home i have got my eye on the old girl there she is 11 cant remember her name again what am i like having real bad mem loss just lately


that was meant to say jane and alan having awful mental blocks

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