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Come on Yuki, you can do it! Those evil dog fighters are disgusting. So sorry about the eye, sad news there. Great that she is eating so well. I hope that galgo news readers can help, this little dog so deserves a chance and only good things in her life from now on. It makes me dreadfully upset as to how this little dog has suffered. I will be donating by PayPal today and will be able to donate again at the end of January.


thankyou for the update i will be donating on friday for yuki well done girl dont let the evil people win you are doing fine you are on the road to recovery sweet little girl just so pleased the person who found you did the right thing and handed you to a rescue who will take care of you thank you to every one involved keep us up dated come on yuki

Beryl Brennan

Yuki is not with a rescue asso, she is in foster with Lidia and a team helping her with all the vet visits, medication etc. Which is why, if you wish to donate, you could donate direct to the vet clinic.

Beryl Brennan

Yuki has her own facebook page where Lidia is posting all the updates and collecting for the vet fees. Yuki: El Coraje de Vivir if any of you are facebook readers.

Mo Swatek

this case has absolutly nothing to do with dogfights, its a very severe case of leishmania and also not very expensive treatment, with less than 300eur all analitics, all medication etc can be financed.

Beryl Brennan

Update 16 1 2014 The latest news about Yuki are that she's doing quite well. She was brought to the vet yesterday and Anasol is waiting for the results of the blood, urine and skin tests. On the other side, she will be brought tomorrow to an ophthalmologist to check her left eye.

And they think they may have found her owner - next stop a denuncia. Fingers crossed


Good news Beryl. Thank you for the update. Please keep us updated as and when you get any more info.

Beryl Brennan

Just to let you know that Lidia is posting receipts of medication on Yuki's fb page.

Beryl Brennan

Update 18 1 2014 - the opthamologist confirms she has lost the sight in her left eye, nothing can be done.

Beryl Brennan

Latest update - good news.

Walking, the wounds are healing, she gained weight, all levels in blood are good, she is doing fantastic


Yay! It's lovely to have some good news! Really pleased for this little galga. Hoping the carries on making a full recovery. Will be lovely to see pictures of her when she is better. Also will be good yo hear when she gets her forever home.

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