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Anne Peter

He's one of the best in the world :)


thats fantastick news for polo but the figure pff it never ends but we do what we got to do if pos for our babies


Sounds like you have found the best vet for Polar,Good luck


Well as I see, this vet is obviously very famous above being excellent.
He could help the galgos' cause with some extra advertising, too!
I think the galgos desperately need VIPs to help them.


yes tunde i agree thats why i have wrote to aceleb here in the uk to ask for help on promoting more and help with addoptions fund raising and petitioning the spanish government


tavets everyone have you seen podenco post bev of pod friends as just rescued well have a look poor girl


my type pad is on its way out slowly i think that first word was suppose to say on about vets the poor girl who bev got will need a lot of looking after and building up take a look every one


When we lived in Killiney (South of Dublin, Ireland), I sometimes walked my galgas on the nearby Killiney Hill where all the celebs live. I hoped to meet some celebs and I thought maybe some of them would like to adopt a galgo... Bono from U2 has a nice house there with a beautiful garden. Unfortunately I only met his fans (positioned at his garden gate), but not him in person. Neither Enya who lives there, too. Bad luck...
Galgos would fit to them I think, really! Bono with a black galgo or two, that would be nice.


When Mr. Fitzpatrick has some TV series, they could record Polar's surgery and when commenting on it, he could explain a little bit about the dire situation of the breed and about the abuse of galgos in the hunting industry.
Especially in Spain many galgos are mutilated, legs are broken by their owners to prevent them following the car of the galguero after having been thrown out of the vehicle.

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