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i will put a little through to maribel on monday aww i feel for theses poor souls i will be including anke in a donation aswell as another 4 appeals box empty again


again dogs are killed because of holidays ? There has to be any law for this that the perreras have to have persons looking after the dogs - even in holidayseason they will have to arrange that ! Unbelievable, how much freedom Spain has within the EU ! Maybe SCOOBY could take some of those lost souls ? It is difficult from abroad without any association being involved


black and white one saved maribel needs fundings for the other 4 to get to rescue i will be putting my bit through to go towards monday if anyone else can help these babies will get a second chance

Beryl Brennan

Am trying to find out if she has a paypal as have someone who wants to sponsor podencos to save. How do you send money to Maribel? Bless you for your never-ending work to raise funds for the galgos and podencos in Spain. xx


this is the paypal i have for maribel donativos@carrocan.com just email her first beryl make sure this is the same one for the pods aswell as gals


Thanks Jenny for finding out the paypal account i wil send Maribel some money.


thanks kim she in need of it


hi everyone helena could really do with some help with the galgos in badajozz kill station funds but most of all homes for these poor souls i would love to take one but rey coming to me late january from charl i already have 3 rescues 2 greyhounds and a dalmation if anyone would like to addopt one of the beutiful babies im sure some rescue would take them untill you could get a galgo over to your home


the last 4 what was in badajozz got rescued but another 6 there now

Chloe Prescott

I've tried to transfer to money to Maribel but the email address provided isn't accepted on PayPal :( I've emailed her to get further info.

Debi Page

I e-mailed Maribel and she sent me pp address as was listed in first message I am also hoping to send $

Louise Taylor

how much do you need to save one of the dogs?


2nd time lucky - I transferred money yesterday, Marbel said she was hoping to get three out today and would keep us updated :)


Maribel has emailed me - today 3 Galgos and 5 Pods were rescued :) Fantastic news!


hi louise just send what you can to maribel every euro counts for these babies


i got an email aswell but i have emaild bk asking if the black galgo is still there and the frightnd galga these 2 need to get out aswell and also if anyone could find any spare cash for to go towards the galgos in badajoz kill station helena would be very greatfull and she also requires homes for them

Beryl Brennan

Email Charl comdelrio@hotmail.com as she takes galgos which Maribel saves, and she will know.

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