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jay going to do this for me beryl i will get photo copies and people to sign and send off maybe something will come of this fingers x


Signed, sealed and mailed! Thank you to Natalie for writing such a powerful letter.

Anneke Andries

Done, reposting; makes me sick again....what a horror, those sadists should be repaid for what they've caused

Anneke Andries

Mailed the letter to: info@league.org.uk http://www.league.org.uk/content/358/Contact-us (same address)
This should result in a worldwide URGENT ACTION! Who can translate and adapt this letter to send in Spanish to Spanish authorities and Ambassadors (Europe and the USA)? Asked the League the same question

Gael Marconi

This letter is way too long. Please edit it. The officials reading it will not read all of it. Trust me. I have done this as well.

I signed the petition.

Beryl Brennan

Hi, yes it is long. I simply havent time to keep up with all the posts and background work I do, so a volunteer kindly composed the letter. If you would like to send me an edited version, I will be happy to print. Thanks for caring.


no dog or animal should be made to suffer and tortured in such horrific ways!,the evil wrongdoers who do this to dogs should be treated this way!! a dog is a companion,a loyal,loving friend,who trusts and loves cunconditionally. Such cruelty should not be happening to these beautiful animals,they have emotions and feel pain,I am in tears writing this!! steps must be taken,torturing animals is wrong,very wrong and appaling!! God bless these poor victims x

linda badham

signed and done everything to try to help these poor dogs. my god, what a disgrace to humanity to let this evil happen to beautiful dogs. ban the hunting and save the dogs !!


I would like to sent the letter by email, but unfortunately I couldn´t find the email address. I would like to sign the petition, but I can´t find it :(.

Beryl Brennan

There isnt an email address, just the postal address. The petition should be on a separate post. Thanks for caring.

Natalie Osborne

I know its a long letter...so much left out though. Will edit it over next few days, thanks! People new to this though have no idea what is going on. This is only the first of many to this organisation.

karen lyons kalmenson


I do not mind running
or hunting for you
That is how I am built
That is what I do
But why do you hurt me
When with me you are done
You kill or desert me
When I no longer won
I am a galgo of soft eyes
And softer demeanor
I love all my humans
And am quite a good leaner
Please do not throw me away
In your heart let me stay


inhuman, I am left with out words!!


Well done to Natalie and all of you who sent letters. Natalie had a reply from the League and they have not posted about Saving the Galgos on their website. You will find a link to it published on Galgo News this evening. Let's keep up the moment, don't give up writing to them!


I added my own comments to your email letter Natalie, let's see what happens. Thank you for being HUMANE!!!

Please keep us up to date! The fight continues!

Man is the worst Predator on Earth!!! All for GREED.


Long as it is, have still sent it. This is just such an awful situation everyone should be made aware of the horrors going on in Spain.


Je ne peux cautionner une telle barbarie et cruauté, pour ma part, vous ne faites plus partie de l'U.E. !! Je boycotte votre pays et son tourisme !!! C'est une Honte !!!


How can humans so, they think they are, do such cruel acts.

Who is the animal here? Its sad I hope Karma keeps them in mind on their last breath and reminds them of all the cruel things they did. What goes around comes around.

Please pray for them I hope something can be done it makes me sick to see this.

Julie Hjelm Nielsen

Sent to the above email address!

Thanks very much for the info.




lettre envoyée de france.

Liz Amoss

Cruelty to animals dehumanizes us.

chrissy corser

Thank you for posting this info =) I had a hard time finding the email...

Kim Serwatkewich

Where do I send the letter??? Sorry, not understanding the info very well. Can I email it???

Kim Serwatkewich

So well put.....so well put...


You send the letter by post to the address at the top of the letter, for Joe Duckworth.

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