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I felt so angry when I saw this little one, she has been suffering for such a long time to get into this condition - why would you keep a dog just to leave it in this condition, you cant breed from it, use it to hunt so why!!??? I will never ever understand why you would deliberately watch an animal slowly die.

I am so pleased she has finally been rescued - stay strong little one xxxx


One of the most sickening images I've seen these past few months and there have been many horrific ones. Poor poor animal, how could anyone have ignored her plight till she was reduced to this???


most humans dont give a shit as long as they are ok in their own prtty little life well done again to you all for helping these poor dogs bless you

Beryl Brennan

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As you say, why would anyone watch a dog get in
this state! Beyond comprehension. They must have a stone in place of
a heart and brain.



oh so true Jenny. Most humans go about their daily lives not giving a crap about what's going on around them, as long as it's not affecting them. More baffling is they still don't change even after learning the facts! EVERY sentient being feels pain!


you know you are correct on that one they are ignorant and selfish down to the core most human beings but its another story when their life gets turned upside down for one reason or another


i did put a little donation through to gdslast week along with sponsor money i do every month for her she kindly sent me a vidio of the latest rescue they are involved with


bmf just been on this site what exelent work they do they have lots of gals in amongst other animals it must cost them a fortune they are brill and also another one i know always have a lot in is scooby medina they do fantastick work as all the rescues do

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